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Sports' Day

The children in 3rd Class took park in Sports' Day during the week. Here are some photos of Ms. Hanly's Class during the day.


Some of the 3rd Class children have been planting potatoes.  

Gardening photo4

Planting potatoes

Gardening photo3

Planting potatoes

Gardening photo2

Planting potatoes

Gardening photo1

Planting potatoes

Easter Egg Hunt

Ms. Dorrepaal's Class had great fun taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt. Scroll across the photos below to see more pictures.

Easter Raffle

Thank you to the Parents' Association for providing Easter Eggs for each class for a raffle. Well done to all of the winners.


Ms. Hanly's Class were learning about Solids, Liquids and Gases. They did a cool experiment called "Walking on Air." Scroll across the photos below to see them trying out this experiment.

Weather Forecast

Well done to Cian, Cillian and Finn from Ms. Dorrepaal's Class for their fantastic weather forecast.  

Christmas Jumper Day

Ms Murray's Class wore their Christmas jumpers as part of a fundraiser for St Vincent de Paul. Lots of money was raised. 

Scroll across the photo below to see more photos.

Science Week 2020

Ms. Hanly's Class did some Science Experiments during Science Week including Rainbow Milk, Balloon Rockets, Coke and Mentos Volcano and they even made butter.


Scroll across to have a look at some photos of their experiments.

Science Week Experiments

Ms. Dorrepaal's Class investigated materials and change as part of Science Week. They mixed oil, water, food colouring and vitamin tablets together to create 'lava lamps' inside their cups. They investigated what happened when each material was mixed and why this happened.

Scroll across the photo below to see more photos.