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Student Council 2023/ 2024 

Update: April 2024

The Junior Council have been elected, and our first meeting with the Executive Council (6th Class members) & the Junior Council will take place this month. 

The pilot episode of our Scoil Treasa podcast 'Scoil Scéal' is finally here! We planned, filmed and edited it ourselves, so we hope you enjoy!

Update: March 2024

The Student Council have been busy so far this year. They got elected in October 2023 and have been working tirelessly planning ideas and events for the whole school community. Some of the things that have taken place so far this year can be seen below. We have organised Secret Santa and class gift exchanges, an Anti-Bullying presentation and poster competition, 'Anything but a bag' day for Wellbeing week and we have updated the Student Council noticeboard. 

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