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Email from Mr. O' Meara - 5th of February 2021

Friday afternoon, 3 p.m.

Dear parents, guardians and pupils,

Another week of school at home finishes up. It really has been a very quick week.  


Thank you to all the boys and girls for their great efforts and to their parents for their support.


We had a staff meeting yesterday and the reports back from all teachers and classes were really encouraging.  Well done and keep it going  for one more week now.


There will be a break the following week, beginning Monday February 15th, for your mid term.


Our sympathy goes out  to another family in or school who was bereaved this week.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you.  Also there are a number of families, with loved ones in hospital or undergoing treatment, whom we also remember.


Thanks to all those who sent in book reviews. We had about 40 entries.  I will get to read them over the next few days and announce winners next week.  Keep on reading!


We have a 'Poetry Competition' up and running now.  Check out the school website for details.


Our 'Google Meet' started today,  and again good reports back.


Weather forecast for next talks of snow!  Might be a chance to get out and have some fun!


Thanks to all who sent in  'Applications -  3rd Class for September 2021'.  They are almost all in at this stage.


In the meantime have a good weekend

I will be in touch on Monday.

Kind regards

Gerard O' Meara


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