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Email from Mr. O' Meara - 27th of August

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you to all parents who collected school supplies on Wednesday & Thursday. Books etc will be on your child's desk on Tuesday morning.

Please see below  a list of brief updates on our preparations to have Scoil Treasa ready for our pupils on Tuesday August 31st. 

The protocols we had in place for the last school year will remain in place until further notice.

1. Opening time in the mornings will be  9.05 a.m. ( 3rd & 5th Classes) and 9,10 a.m. (4th & 6th Classes)

2. There will be no assembly on yard or in the hall.  Pupils will go directly to their classes. 

3. School finish time will also be staggered from 2.45 p.m. (3rd & 5th Classes) and 2.50 p.m. (4th & 6th Classes)

4. Entry & exit  routes to school will be also be split - same as last year:  front gate (left & right ), back gate and gate at car park end of school. I will follow on Monday with a more detailed plan for each class

5 We will also have staggered break times.

6. As of Monday 31st August visitors to the school will be by appointment only.

7. Please keep up to date by checking our school website 

8 Our updated Covid 19 Response Plan will be emailed to all parents on Monday  and will be on website..

9  Please wear full school uniform on first day back.  Teachers will inform classes re. P.E. days & tracksuits

10.Book Rental Scheme, Materials Fee  and Pupil Insurance still available - I recommend these as very good value.  All payments can be made through Aladdin 


Thanks for your support to date.

Enjoy the good weather this weekend!

Gerard O' Meara


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