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Email from Mr. O' Meara - 22nd of January, 2021

Dear Parents,

I hope you and your families continue to stay safe and well.

I extend my sympathies to a number of families and staff, who have lost love ones recently. May they all rest in peace


Thank you, again, for all your support with the online teaching and learning over the past week.


The pupils' work and amount of engagement has generally been really good and I would like to say thanks to the boys and girls for this and encourage them to keep it going until we return to our school building and face to face teaching .

Google Classroom is going well and all pupils are well used to it by this stage.  If there are any issues contact your class teacher or myself at  We are all learning as we go along and in my opinion pupils,parents and teachers are doing well during what I call 'Emergency Teaching & Learning'


ClassTeachers, Support Teachers, SNAs and Margaret are working very hard behind the scenes to make all this happen and I thank them for their  diligence.


Online Learning/remote teaching  provide huge challenges for parents and families and every home is dealing with it as best as they can.  That is all we can do at present.


As you know the plans for reopening of schools for pupils with additional needs was paused this week.  We are awaiting news and will be in touch as soon as any definitive date is set..


It's Friday evening.  Take a break from school work for the weekend.  Enjoy as best you can.


Please contact me at if there are any issues or you need any help.


I will be in touch on Monday


Gerard O' Meara


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