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5th Class Tour, Inter-Class Competition and Sports Day Medal Ceremony

Wellbeing Day

On Wellbeing Day the children participated in lots of fun activities, good for the body and the mind. There was meditation, dancing, chair yoga and fun cooperative games. The sun shone and there were smiling faces in abundance.

Click on the photos below and scroll through to see the children taking part in some of the activities.

5th Class Sports Day

A Sport's Day with a difference was had this year. 5th class participated in their own day. There were track events, novelty events, soccer leagues and an obstacle course. At the end of the day the 4 classes gathered at the track for the finals, class relays and tug o' war. Luckily, the weather was glorious, the behaviour was top notch, the craic was mighty and the children had a great day. Well done everyone.

Click on the photos below and scroll through to see all the action.

Slapstick Comedy

Mr. Keville's class have been doing creative dance for P.E. The children created slapstick comedy short movies to the chase music from The Benny Hill Show. They combined script creation, drama, dance, musical and comedy timing. Great work by all and the kids had great fun doing it. Below are the movies the groups created.

Art Construction : Sea Creatures

Mr. Keville's class created sea creatures from household waste (bottles, straws, cardboard, old fabric, egg cartons, coffee cup holders, polystyrene, plastic bags, cartons, bottle tops etc.) Lots of various techniques were used by the children. Brilliant work guys. They also created this wonderful coral reef as a backdrop. It took a while, but we finally got there. It was great to do some art outside in the sunshine.

Click on the photo below and scroll through to the children creating the backdrop.