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Team GPS

All Ireland Lego Champions:  Mr Smyth, Ms. Dorrepaal and the six girls from GPS travelled to Norway on Monday 13th of May representing Ireland at the First  Lego League European Finals.  We wish them all the best. 

The FIRST LEGO League is a global engineering competition that combines robotics, engineering, and coding with real-world problem solving and team work. As part of the competition, 6 girls from Mr. Smyth's 6th class designed and programmed their own robot.  They also identified a problem and used the engineering design cycle and technology in an innovative way to solve it. The girls have worked tirelessly with their research, alongside the other aspects of their project, to achieve the incredible feat of winning the All Ireland finals.  The girls are  Ava, Caitlin, Hollyann, Mollie, Tara and Kayleigh.  Their group name is 'GPS - Girls Play Sport'. 


GPS has researched and found that there aren't enough girls of their age playing sports and that girls quit sports at a young age. They have carried out multiple school surveys to over 350 pupils. The girls have also designed a prototype website (to help increase young girls' participation in sport). 

This group of remarkable young girls were invited to present their research project in Norway this May at the Open European Championships of the FIRST LEGO League. This is equivalent to the Olympics of the FIRST LEGO League. It is a unique opportunity for these girls to showcase their hard work, research, and contribute meaningfully to the sharing of information surrounding women in sport.  


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